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Is Your Sales Networking Working for You?

Time is the most valuable asset a sales person has. Spending time networking can be an asset or a liability. It needs to be planned and executed with pinpoint targeting, if not your sales process could easily be turned into a liability. It’s up to you whether you want to have strong sales habits and grow your business or flounder around becoming your own liability. Think this is too harsh? Trust me, after being in the selling trenches for over 2 ½ decades regarding sales networking, it’s best to have a solid game plan before attending networking events, tradeshows or similar events.

Of course there may be a different range of industries or company types that may work better within your product or service offerings. But it took me several years to figure out how to find the “perfect” networking partners. By doing this it dramatically changed my sales process, helping sales volume, repeat sales, customer loyalty and bringing a different level of productivity and enjoyment to the whole sales process.

Get The Sale News

Hi, thanks for stopping by GetTheSale.com. The Get The Sale idea started several years ago when I had already been selling for many years. But to speed forward in time, now having over 2 ½ decades in the sales trenches and being a solopreneur, I wanted to start helping other sales people and individuals who wanted to work on their own or just needed a better way to sell and build business.

The main purpose of Get The Sale is to help sales people and others in a sales capacity to grow business. Some of the areas that will be focused on are, training, ongoing resources and community. Most of the areas may overlap and will probably change over time, but having the same sales goal, helping the success of sales growth.

Also included will be a monthly podcast with a mixture of interviews, sales building tips and short tutorials, giving you just the right amount of information to help increase your knowledge and business without taking a lot of time, then more opportunities will be available to learn more if needed.