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The Power of the Online Review

How is the power of the online review effecting your business? Are you embracing it, ignoring it, or are not even sure? It’s one of the biggest deciding factors that stand between you and your sales. This can be a good thing or a not so good thing. The cause and effect can be the difference of having a thriving business and dying business. The double edged sword is having the ability to use the moving power of the Internet to being proactive or ignoring it.

Understanding the simple concept that what people say online has become accepted as truth is undeniable. Of course when you and I are searching through Google and other areas on the web for someone to do business with, we are very dependent on what is being said to us, either from reviews and or what the listings say. We are making a conscious decision sometimes in a split second. If we see no reviews, how can we trust the company enough to spend our hard earned money with them? If they have good reviews and or bad reviews then we can have some deciding factors to help us. Positive reviews help us make a quick YES decision and negative reviews help us make a quick NO decision. Your cash register just rang up a sale or you just lost money...

Hi, thanks for stopping by GetTheSale.com. The Get The Sale idea started several years ago when I had already been selling for many years. But to speed forward in time, now having over 2 ½ decades in the sales trenches and being a solopreneur, I wanted to start helping other sales people and individuals who wanted to work on their own or just needed a better way to sell and build business.

The main purpose of Get The Sale is to help sales people and others in a sales capacity to grow business. Some of the areas that will be focused on are, training, ongoing resources and community. Most of the areas may overlap and will probably change over time, but having the same sales goal, helping the success of sales growth. Also included will be a monthly podcast with a mixture of interviews, sales building tips and short tutorials, giving you just the right amount of information to help increase your knowledge and business without taking a lot of time. Then more opportunity will be available to learn more if needed.