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You're a sales person, it's Monday morning, the first day of the month and your only job is to sell. What are you going to do first? Start making phone calls to a "list of leads" someone gave you? Get in your car and start driving around and knock on doors, trying to get past the gatekeeper? Go to a local networking group? Call up your existing customers to see if they want to buy something? Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Wow, that just wore me out writing about it, mainly because that's what my daily sales life used to be like.
But the good thing is I don't mind writing about this because if I can help just one person it would make my day. I don't pretend to know everything about selling, but being able to go from really wanting to enjoy sales a lot more, while having all of it's unnecessary steps, to having a real sales strategy and be able to sell and love what I do is a real life changer.
I never really had a lot of professional sales training, just the "as needed" training I received while working at different sales organizations throughout the years and of course the school of "hard knocks". I've always enjoyed having that exchange of helping someone buy what they need or want and being able to help them get it. And of course the feeling of making money and more power of controlling my future. I'm telling you this because after selling for over 2 1/2 decades, I've probably experienced every trial error possible. Plus I have spoken with so many other sales people (or people in a sales capacity) throughout the years and this has been the bulk of the feedback I usually get from them also.

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Get The Sale - Podcast Intro

Hi, thanks for stopping by GetTheSale.com. The Get The Sale idea started several years ago when I had already been selling for many years. But to speed forward in time, now having over 2 ½ decades in the sales trenches and being a solopreneur, I wanted to start helping other sales people and individuals who wanted to work on their own or just needed a better way to sell and build business.

The main purpose of Get The Sale is to help sales people and others in a sales capacity to grow business. Some of the areas that will be focused on are, training, ongoing resources and community. Most of the areas may overlap and will probably change over time, but having the same sales goal, helping the success of sales growth.

Also included will be a monthly podcast with a mixture of interviews, sales building tips and short tutorials, giving you just the right amount of information to help increase your knowledge and business without taking a lot of time, then more opportunities will be available to learn more if needed.